Retail & Commercial

With a requirement for two market halls and a storage building, this project is part of a larger redevelopment program in which its role is to facilitate connections in the surrounding area. The space for the external market is especially significant in this respect. Its oversailing roof forms a portico toward the bus station and frames a protected route to the city center. Each hall has different proportions and a distinctive materiality. The experience of moving between a number of fully and partially enclosed spaces is one of continuous change and contrast. In the public square, the organisation of the roof structure is reflected in the pattern of the floor below in two shades of gray tiles. Within the main hall, the café at first-floor level calls for natural light at the southern end; the stallholders themselves prefer to use artificial light. For this reason, the roof lights increase in size as they move south. A large window in the southeast corner of the cafe frames the view toward the town center.

The walling system for the dry goods hall consists of large panels of laminated timber. The laminations are vertical but a series of horizontal grooves, more closely spaced at mid-height, have been routed out of the external face. At the back of the main hall, the dry store is constructed of concrete blocks with deeply raked joints. The walls of the food hall are constructed from concrete paving slabs that have been broken in half. They are laid in horizontal courses, like dry-stone walling, with the broken edges to the outside and the square edges to the inside.

Wakefield Market Hall

West Yorkshire, 2008


  • Simons Developments Ltd / Modus Properties Ltd.

Total Area

  • 6390m2

Contract Value

  • £6.2m
Project Description