Special Projects

A collaboration with Doug Aitken, The Source is a temporary structure that was housed on Liverpool’s historic Albert Dock, as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2012/13. The project is an immersive installation comprising a series of filmed conversations about creativity between Aitken and some of the world’s most established creative individuals. The temporary structure is a deliberate device to separate the work from the traditional gallery space and to create a new cultural territory. The collage of imagery and interviews radiate within a diorama – a cylindrical chamber – inside which six projections are simultaneously displayed in six little rooms. As visitors cross the bridge over to Tate Liverpool, the structure is almost unavoidable. Although the projections are on the inside, they have a ghost image on the exterior – especially at night to attract people inside.

The Source, Collaboration with Doug Aitken Tate Liverpool

Liverpool, 2013


  • Adjaye Associates


  • Tate Liverpool

Total Area

  • 160 m2
Project Description