Special Projects

This project was the result of a collaboration with the artist Olafur Eliasson and concerns the viewing requirements for one of his works. Your Black Horizon consists of a recording of the changing intensity of the sky during a single day, firstly in Venice and secondly on the island of Lopud. The recording is then projected continuously, moving through a complete cycle in 15 minutes, as a continuous narrow band that surrounds the viewer. Aside from the provision of a dark enclosure, it was important that the viewer should be able to enter the space enclosed by the projection without any disruption to the image.

In Venice, and on Lopud, the pavilion was located in beautiful settings to enhance the overall experience of the viewer, and to heighten awareness of the differences involved in moving from one site to another. Employing timber for lightness and ease of reassembly, the organisation of the pavilion sets up a series of increasingly dark spaces that gradually accustom the viewer to the blackness of the main space, where the floor is placed above ground level. This arrangement allows the viewer to enter beneath the line of the projection and then ascend to the main floor on a shallow ramp. The projection itself is located in a slot in each wall, and the spatial awareness of the viewer, once inside, is heightened as the light moves through different levels of intensity and color. Retracing one’s steps, the eye gradually adjusts to the brightness of the exterior; in this way, the pavilion functions as a belvedere from which to view the landscape.

T-B A21 Contemporary Space

Lopud, Venice, 2005


  • Adjaye Associates


  • Francesca Von Hapsburg T-B A21 Thyssen-Bornesmisza Art

Total Area

  • 257m2
Project Description