Master Planning

Adjaye Associates Architectural concept: "micro city"

The project is an urban concept study for a cultural campus, which includes nine cultural institutions and their main performing spaces as well as a mixture of other uses (retail, cafes, offices and residential). The design concept rests on the extraction of the essential components of a city, which are then compressed to establish a mixture of different uses. The single ingredients become a city in microcosm, or a “micro city”. Within the composition, there are possibilities for people from the cultural industries, academics, residents and office workers to encounter one another within a rich, creative atmosphere. The design fosters interaction and animation thus resulting in new synergies between different creative disciplines.

The "micro city" comprises a central, public and multi-functional space, which combines the main performing spaces of the cultural institutions, retail, cafes and the market hall in an interesting juxtaposition within the main foyer. Forecourts on the perimeter accentuate access points to the main foyer also enabling circulation through the cultural campus, which is porous and open to the city. The different uses are also layered vertically, thus allowing the mix of uses to be carried into the topography.

Cultural Campus Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany, Current
Project Description