07 February, 2017

Constructed Narratives celebrates David Adjaye’s work from the past twenty years. The 320-page paperback volume brings together building case studies and 10 essays by Adjaye which reflect on his architectural investigations and engagement with geography, the urban environment, as well as his approach to materiality and architectural types. The presented projects include the recently completed National Museum of African American History and Culture, Adjaye’s largest project to date that opened this past September on the National Mall in Washington DC. Also featured are The Sugar Hill residential mixed-use building in New York and the art-retail Aishti Foundation complex in Beirut, and a collection of Adjaye’s temporary pavilions and furniture, private houses and art installations, including the design for the 2015 Venice Biennale, all of which feed into Adjaye’s designs for public buildings.

Adjaye, who was recently knighted as part of the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List 2017, said of the book:

"Instead of seeing my work as a string of projects, Constructed Narratives assembles them as a single body, a sphere. My intention is to reveal the diagonal relationships between projects that might otherwise appear to occupy different worlds. I hope that the book starts to show the connectivity between different strands of my output, how they contribute to my overall approach, and how this resonates with opportunities in the built environment.”

Constructed Narratives, edited by Peter Allison and published by Lars Müller publishers, is the latest addition to Adjaye’s bibliography, which already includes: Adjaye Africa Architecture (Thames & Hudson 2016); Form Heft Material (The Art Institute of Chicago 2015); Authoring: Replacing Art and Architecture (Lars Müller 2012); David Adjaye: A House for an Art Collector (Rizzoli 2011); Adjaye Africa Architecture (Thames and Hudson and Rizzoli 2011); Your Black Horizon Art Pavilion (Verlag de Buchhandlung Walther Konig 2007); David Adjaye: Horizons / Monoforms (Albion, 2007); David Adjaye: Making Public Buildings (Thames & Hudson 2006); David Adjaye: Houses (Thames & Hudson 2005);

Constructed Narratives is available to order from the Lars Müller online shop. Click here to order.