16 October, 2017

Set to open in December 2017, the 60 000 sq ft spy museum in midtown Manhattan will immerse visitors into the secretive universe of espionage through one-of-a-kind exhibitions featuring dynamic storytelling and customized experiences.


SPYSCAPE features a range of exhibition spaces housed within bespoke pavilions, each concentrated on 7 distinct spy-themes. The exhibition arrangement plays with user’s perceptions, with partially obscured interstitial circulation spaces that open up into immersive, fully interactive multi-media environments. Each pavilion, including a weathered steel drum with bespoke curved paneling, features a distinctive design and material palette crafted around its unique content.


Adjaye Associates’ design draws from the architectural language of the most significant spy organizations, integrating distinctive bespoke features such as smoked glazed doors and interactive video walls with a distinctive ambient material palette that includes bespoke fiber cement, dark gray acoustic paneling, and black linoleum. Varied lighting strategies, transparencies between floors, and screens and perforations establish spaces that continually shift users’ vantage points and prioritize the experience of discovery.


“It has been exciting to work with a client as truly innovative as SPYSCAPE,” said Lucy Tilly, Associate Director of Adjaye Associates. “Thanks to their forward-thinking vision, we have been able to challenge the traditional museum typology with a design that embraces state-of-the-art interactive technology to create a visitor experience that truly straddles the physical and digital worlds.”